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Tampa – October 18, 2017 5300 Bluebird Lane, a new play by Jennifer Potts, will be staged at Tampa’s Silver Meteor Gallery from November 9 – 19, produced solely by Lab Theater Company.  Performance times are 8:00 PM on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday evenings with 2:00 PM matinee performances on Sunday.  The Silver Meteor Gallery is located at 2213 East 6th Avenue, Ybor City, and free parking is available at the theater.

 Samantha Parisi, Caroline Jett, & Roz Potenza - The cast of 5300 Bluebird Lane - 2017

Samantha Parisi, Caroline Jett, & Roz Potenza - The cast of 5300 Bluebird Lane - 2017

About 5300 Bluebird Lane:  Maggie has now been widowed for 3 years.  She has always wanted to be a professional singer but life got in the way.  She now cares for her mother, Trudy, who suffers from dementia and recently took in her mother in law Phyllis who just had her hip replaced. Maggie faces the difficulty of caring for a mother who is fading fast, a feisty mother-in-law that she would rather care for and her own guilt about wanting to be free of this burden. Phyllis wants to go home to her normal solitary life and Trudy just wants to know what kind of tree is outside the window. These three women show us what is right about caring for each other, what is hard about it, and the wonderful discoveries that life can still have as we get older.

Directed by Owen Robertson (Cleave, Rocket Science, Toby’s Game and Precious Thieves) and starring local talent, Caroline Jett, Roz Potenza and Samantha Parisi.  Jett is Lab’s director in residence and Potenza and Parisi were recently seen in Lab’s summer production of Plaid Skirts

5300 Bluebird Lane opens Lab’s third season, a season dedicated to exploring what it means to get older, the value our citizens still have as they get older and the challenges that they face getting older in America.